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Arquitectura orientada a microservicios: imprescindible para un DevOPS

¡Divide y vencerás! Actualmente cuando hablamos de la migración de una aplicación web al Cloud se aconseja vivamente adaptar nuestra aplicación para poder aprovechar los beneficios que ofrecen los proveedores…
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Succession Risks That Threaten Your Leadership Strategy

Our team provides highly skilled & experienced project managers who know the intricacies of this vertical and focus on providing innovative solutions in Oil & Gas sector...
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Five Ways to Develop a World Sales Operations Function

The trade war currently ensuing between the US and several nations around the globe, most fiercely with China, shows no signs of the first set of tariffs levied…
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Do Employee Engagement Surveys Tell About Employee?

Global provider connected products for consumers, and enterprises worldwide, supply chain control is everything, provide visibility and traceability needed for...
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New Remote Workers Visible to Security Operations?

The Atradius platform will provide us with a much deeper pool of research to assist with assessment of new credit applications and credit limits...
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Market Insights to Manage People Related Costs

These new vehicles are all extra high body trucks, with a carrying height equal to that of a semi trailer. This allows us to accommodate our clients with…
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